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Exit luminaire in compliance with DIN EN 60598-1/2-22 and DIN EN 1838.

Elegant and modern design, made of aluminum in white or black, special colors possible. The luminaire is suitable for recessed ceiling mounting. With the optional wall bracket the luminaire can also be used for recessed wall mounting in cavity walls.

Convenient installation due to circular cutout. Installation box and container are included in the scope of delivery.

With the two accessory sets, central pendulum and wire mounting, the luminaire is very changeable and versatile.
The 10 mm light-deflecting pane is illuminated with a 1 or 2 watt LED-bar. A pictogram set with arrow left / right / down / blind is already enclosed.

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Data sheet
Mounting instructions
Mounting instructions wire mounting
Mounting instructions pendulum mounting
Item type listing
Luminaire for recessed ceiling mounting Recessed wall mounting possible with optional... more
    • Luminaire for recessed ceiling mounting
    • Recessed wall mounting possible with optional accessory wall bracket
    • Installation box and container included in the scope of delivery
    • Aluminum die-cast, white or black
    • Available with 1 watt or 2 watt LED-bar
  • Technical specifications
    Visibility distance: 23 m
    Connecting terminals: 2 x 2,5 mm² for double assignment
    Casing/colour: Aluminium-Druckguss, weiß oder schwarz
    Type of assembly: Deckeneinbaumontage, mit Wandwinkel auch Wandeinbaumontage
    Dimensions: 191 x 132 x 78 mm
    Protection class: IP40
    Safety class: II